Telstra to Give Customers Underground Mobile Coverage

Telstra to Give Customers Underground Mobile Coverage

Telstra customers (particularly those who commute via train) rejoice!

No longer will you have to stare at your phone’s signal bar on your train ride to work, trying to grab that fleeting moment of some kind of reception. Telstra has¬†extended its mobile coverage to enable Sydney CBD rail commuters to utilise its Next G mobile network.

As part of the first stage of its mobile network extension in the city’s underground rail network, coverage is only available for commuters on the North Shore line from Central to North Sydney. Next on Telstra’s hit list for extended coverage, is the City Circle and Eastern Suburb lines, as Telstra works closely with the NSW State Government to continue the roll out.

Anthony Goonan, Telstra’s director of network and commercial planning,¬†said the new coverage incorporates 3G Dual Channel HSPA+ technology, with download speeds of 1-20Mbps (Source: ARN). The company also plans to upgrade to 4G/LTE technology soon.

Until the rest of Sydney’s train lines are treated to the expansion of mobile coverage, those not using the North Shore, City Circle or Eastern Suburb lines will have to continue watching their reception jump from ‘no service’ to full bars, but know that better reception is on its way!