Google’s 10-inch Nexus Display Could Out Do iPad’s Retina

Google’s 10-inch Nexus Display Could Out Do iPad’s Retina

As reported by CNET News, it seems as though a 10 inch Nexus tablet is on the horizon for Google.

According to Richard Shim, a NPD DisplaySearch analyst, the 10.1 inch Nexus tablet will be a “high end device”, and that Google will “partner with Samsung and co-brand it with Samsung.”

Google’s first Nexus tablet, the Nexus 7 (released earlier this year), was made in partnership with Asus.

Samsung and Google have previously worked together on Android Smartphones, while Google’s most recent handset, the Galaxy Nexus, was made in collaboration with Samsung, as was its predecessor, the Nexus S.

The purpose of Google’s Nexus series of devices is to offer what the company calls a “pure Android” experience. The open nature of the Android mobile operating system means that other companies can put their own user interface on top of it.

Shim’s information (as he told CNET) was based on “supply chain implications” and predicted that the new Nexus tablet will out pace that of the iPad’s retina display, with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, which, in pixels per inch (PPI) is around 299 which surpasses the iPad’s 264 PPI.

As well as revealing details about the Nexus 10, Shim said Google is working towards the release of a $99 tablet, the manufacturing of which is due to begin in December.