Nokia Lumia 920 Coming To Telstra In November

Nokia Lumia 920 Coming To Telstra In November

Nokia’s first Windows Phone 8 smartphones are coming to Australia.

Nokia Lumia 920 wireless charging

Source: Nokia

The new 4G- capable 920 and 820 Lumia smartphones are among the first devices to feature Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Telstra will sell the Lumia 920 exclusively, which is expected to be available in November, however Nokia have not yet revealed pricing or a specific availability date.

There’s a lot riding on the Lumia 920 and 820, both for Nokia and Microsoft’s WP8, with both hoping that these smartphones will succeed in the highly competitive smartphone market.

“Operators and retailers are throwing their weight behind our new Nokia Lumia smartphones and we appreciate their continued support,” said Nokia Australia’s managing director, Steve Lewis. “So many consumers and businesses have already made the switch to Nokia Lumia and with the new range, we believe many more will follow suit.”

The flagship Lumia 920 has a 4.5in display with a 720p resolution and has a built-in wireless charging system. The Lumia range also boasts PureView camera technology, which many view as one of the key benefits of the smartphone. PureView includes floating lens technology, which Nokia says allows the camera to take in five times more light than competing smartphones without using flash so you can snap clear, bright pictures (and video) indoors and at night. It also compensates for hand movement while the photo is being taken. Nokia has also confirmed the phone is compatible with Telstra’s 1800MHz 4G network.

Nokia Lumia 920

Source: Nokia

Microsoft is yet to release all details of the Windows Phone 8 operating system that will power the Lumia phones, but the software is expected to be launched at the end of October. The new features include a completely new interface with support for small, medium and large tiles, more colour customisation options, built-in Skype integration, a data use monitor, and a revamped backup system that includes the ability to backup SMS messages.


Telstra have announced their pricing for the Lumia 920, which will be available at the end of November.

For Telstra Business customers, the Nokia Lumia 920 will be available on the $60 Business Performance Plan with a $5 handset repayment per month (after using an included MRO bonus) for 24 months with $600 worth of standard national calls and MMS plus unlimited text messaging to standard Australian numbers and 1GB of included data.

To pre-order your Nokia Lumia 920, email sales [at] phonenomena [dot] com [dot] au or call us on 1300 721 281.