Telstra Signs Deal For 4G Roaming In Hong Kong

Telstra Signs Deal For 4G Roaming In Hong Kong

If you’re itching to test how well your 4G smartphone would do while roaming overseas, take a trip to Hong Kong.

Telstra recently announced that they have signed an international roaming agreement with Hong Kong carrier CSL, which will allow Telstra 4G customers to roam on CSL’s 4G network while in Hong Kong and vice versa for CSL’s customers when they visit Australia.

According to Telstra’s Executive Director and Access Technologies, Mike Wright, this means Telstra’s 4G customers will experience faster data speeds when travelling in Hong Kong when compared to Telstra’s current 3G International Roaming service.

A bonus for Telstra’s 4G customers, is that the pricing for 4G international roaming remains the same as the current 3G offering as indicated by the press release.

This deal signals the start of Telstra’s plan to obtain similar agreements with operators in other countries that run on the 1800MHz and 2600 MHz bands Telstra currently uses for its 4G network.