Want an iPhone 5 Case That Can Survive a Drop From Space?

Want an iPhone 5 Case That Can Survive a Drop From Space?

Early in January, G-Form wanted to show the world just how strong its new XTREME iPhone 5 case is…

… By dropping it from space.

G-Form XTREME iPhone 5 case

Source: G-Form

The company tied one end of the XTREME iPhone 5 case (containing a working iPod Touch 5, which also fits into the case) to a weather balloon and sent it on its way to space. The drop wasn’t the only thing the case had to endure, with the trip taking it through negative 51 degrees celsius, as well as high winds.

The iPod touch survived the 100,000ft drop, working perfectly, with the iPod touch’s camera capturing everything (until 40,000ft got the better of the camera), which you can watch in the video below.

So what makes G-Form’s XTREME cases so strong?

G-Form uses their patented 3-layer technique, which is composed of a rigid outer polycarbonate shell that is combined with their Reactive Protection Technology (RPT) and an inner shock-absorbing TPE insert. Their RPT technology combines a blend of PORON®XRD™ (a material that contains high performance molecules create a unique protective shield that absorbs up to 90% of the most intense force) and G-Form’s own materials and technology that instantly stiffens the case upon impact and absorbs over 90% of the energy, which ultimately provides premium protection for your iPhone.

The RPT technology also makes the case slim and lightweight, which means it will be great for your pocket. It also doesn’t compromise screen real estate, with the case allowing full use of the touch screen, while protecting the screen with raised edges on the front.

In addition to the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch 5, the XTREME case range is also available for the iPhone 4, iPad, iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy S III.

If you’re not convinced, G-Form have uploaded a couple of videos of their cases enduring high impacts hits or falls such as this one which displays an iPad being dropped onto concrete from 60ft.