Intelligent Ringer adjusts your ringer volume based on ambient noise

Intelligent Ringer adjusts your ringer volume based on ambient noise

You’re in a meeting, the boss is speaking about performance in the last quarter, ploughing through the data, everyone is listening attentively. And then your phone rings. You scramble to silence it, feeling everyone’s disapproving eyes on you, embarrassment levels rising rapidly. You quietly berate yourself for not remembering to switch your phone to silent before the meeting.

We’ve all been there. Our lives are so busy going from this meeting to that appointment to your desk and back again into another meeting, that remembering to turn your phone to silent often slips your mind.

Intelligent Ringer- Android appThankfully, Intelligent Ringer, a free Android app, aims to make your life a little bit easier by adjusting the ringing volume of your phone based on ambient noise. The app uses the phone’s microphone to detect the level of ambient noise to adjust the ringer volume so you won’t scare those around you with your loud ringtone or miss a call in a noisy space. When adjusting the ringer volume, the app also takes in account both the device (the model of the device can affect the necessary volume) and whether or not the phone is in a pocket. To detect whether the phone is in your pocket, it uses the phone’s proximity sensors, of which the sensitivity and minimum volume can be customised to your own preferences.

What if you want the device to stay silent no matter what? If you happened to put the device on silent or vibrate mode, Intelligent Ringer will respect that and will not change the volume.

One thing to note, however, is that this app does take a bit of a toll on battery life as it needs to run constantly in the background, but its definitely handy for those who take their phone everywhere!

Intelligent Ringer is available for free on the Google Play Store.

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