What Type Of SIM Does My Device Use?

What Type Of SIM Does My Device Use?

Mini, Micro, Nano.

Gone are the days where all mobile devices used the same size SIM. With new devices being developed and released left, right and centre, it’s easy to lose track of what type of SIM a particular device uses.

Why Would I Need to Know the Type of SIM?

Scenario 1) You’ve Bought A New Handset

Suppose you’ve got your hands on a brand new device and of course you have an existing number that you’d like to use with that device. If the type of SIM that your previous device used is not the same as the one your new device uses, you’re going to need to do a SIM replacement to activate your mobile number on the appropriate type of SIM to use in your new handset.

This is also good to know when looking at how you are going to transfer your contacts across, as if your existing SIM is not compatible with your new device, you will not be able to simply import your contacts from your SIM.

Scenario 2) You’re experiencing issues with your service due to a faulty SIM

If you’re experiencing issues with your service (e.g. not receiving or being able to make calls or SMS, no data access) and you’ve been advised by your service provider that you will need to do a SIM replacement, you will need to get your hands on a new SIM. It makes it a whole lot easier to get your phone back up and running if you know what type of SIM card you need.

Scenario 3) You’ve bought someone a handset as a gift

That’s one lucky person! If you’ve bought a handset outright for someone as a gift, you can complete this great gift by providing them with the right SIM card, ready to transfer their service over as soon as they open it.

What Are The Different SIM Sizes?

There are currently 3 different types of SIM cards being used in mobile devices. The Micro SIM has almost become the standard in newer devices, however, with the introduction of the Nano form factor in the latest iPhone and iPad models, the industry may follow suit in using this SIM size.

different SIM sizes available

Mini SIM (also referred to as Normal or full-sized SIM)                     Micro                                Nano

SIM Sizes By Device

While the below list is by no means a comprehensive collection of the SIM sizes used by all mobile device models, we have tried to include the most recent models for several of the most popular brands.

To find what SIM card you need check out our SIM Card Size Guide below or download our PDF guide here!
















To keep this list handy when you need it, you can download our guide to SIM sizes here.