Transparent Texting and Swappable Camera Lenses: Potential iPhone 6 Features?

Transparent Texting and Swappable Camera Lenses: Potential iPhone 6 Features?

What can you expect to see in the iPhone 6?

As per usual, Apple’s next iDevice is shrouded in mystery, with nothing but rumours and speculations circling the internet.

The emergence of several ‘leaked’ photos sparked gossip about the potential of a bigger screen.  There’s also been a lot of talk about Apple removing the ‘home’ button on the latest model in favour of one expansive touch screen surface.

Even the supposed release dates are a bit sketchy, although most sources tend to agree there will be a September iPhone launch and it will be available for consumer purchase in October and November.  Whereas the new operating system, iOS 8, is expected to launch at Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

However, two patents recently filed by the tech giant offer a tantalising glimpse into the next gen iPhone.

Transparent Message App To Help You Walk & Text

While, walking and texting might not be the smartest or safest thing to do, we still do it.No matter how many times we trip over a step in the pavement or collide with oncoming pedestrians, our smartphones demand our undivided attention.

iPhone walking and texting new app patent video rear camera feed

Source: flickr – Michele Ursino

To help the multitasker in all of us, Apple has secured a patent for a new technology that will see a camera feed appear in the messaging app.

The patent describes: “A user who is walking while participating in a text messaging session may inadvertently collide with or stumble over objects in his path because his attention was focused on his device’s display instead of the path that he was traversing.”

The idea behind this technological innovation is to protect those who like to walk and text at the same time by allowing them to keep an eye on the ground as well as their phone screen.

The new technology will replace the texting background with footage from the rear camera so texters can watch where they’re walking.

The video feed is supposedly activated by tapping a ‘transparency button’ within the messaging application.  Once activated, text messages will appear in bubbles over the screen allowing the user to keep an eye on what’s ahead as well as what’s on their phone.

While many are welcoming the new technology, the idea does have its critics.  An article on The Sydney Morning Herald this week was unenthusiastic about the innovation stating, “have we really come this far that we are so connected that we need an app to help us not “stumble over an object?””  However, recent research revealed texting and walking causes more injuries per mile than texting while driving – So whether or not you’re a fan of the technology, the Apple innovation is likely to prevent people from unnecessary bumps and bruises.

It is still unclear as to when we will see this technology on a device.  Although the timing of this patent does suggest that the technology should be perfected and ready for the release of the new iDevice, nothing has been confirmed at this point.

Interchangeable Camera Lenses

It was officially confirmed last week that Apple has taken out another patent for an innovation that will allow to users to change the lens on their iPhone’s camera.

The patent covers a type of bayonet mount that will sit on the back of the phone, most probably around the existing in built camera lens of the device.

Instead of the lens sitting flush with the rear surface of the phone, it will protrude slightly and allow for contraptions, such as an interchangeable lens, to be securely attached to the back of the phone.

There’s no doubt that a smartphone’s camera has become one of the most important features for most smartphone users. . But the standard smartphone camera has its limitations.  This new design innovation helps to provide a solution for those who require more from their smartphone camera.

detachable iphone camera lens

Source: flickr – hunnnterrr

Presently, if you want to take a wide-angled photo or a specialised macro image then you have to dig up your SLR or do some serious post capture editing.  But with the bayonet mount on the iPhone, users could attach telephoto lenses or wide angles lenses, and achieve the same result you would with a quality SLR camera.

With the current trend and popularisation of photo based social media, like Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest, this feature is a clever way to boost the usability and popularity of the iPhone.

Although it is clear that Apple have the patent for this new design feature, like the transparent texting, it is still unclear as to whether or not the bayonet mount will be included on the upcoming iPhone.

Whether or not we see these patented innovations included in the iPhone 6, they still offer an exciting view into the future of iDevices.