Checklist: Taking Your Corporate Device Overseas

Checklist: Taking Your Corporate Device Overseas

When heading overseas for a business trip, there’s no shortage of things to do before you go.

On top of needing to do the usual travel preparations, you also need to prepare for your meetings or the conference you’re attending or the prospects you need to woo. And then of course you need to make sure someone can step in for you while you’re away!

With so much to do it’s easy to forget that taking your corporate device overseas requires a bit of preparation too, particularly if you want to avoid large roaming bills or prevent any issues with staying connected.

To help your trip with your corporate device run smoothly, check out our list of things to do before you go!


Notify your IT department

Inform your IT department that you are travelling overseas and that you need international roaming activated on your mobile device. They will need to know your travel dates, the countries you’re travelling to and whether you will need access to data


Check your company’s international roaming corporate policy

Many companies have created an international roaming policy for corporate devices. It’s definitely worth asking the IT department if your company has policy to understand what is deemed as acceptable use of your device while overseas. If you breach the terms of use, you may be liable for the roaming charges incurred.


Change your voicemail

If your clients or colleagues contact you regularly on your mobile device, it would be a good idea to change your voicemail to let these people know you are not in the country.


Bring or buy a converter to charge your device

Most countries use different power outlets to what we use here in Australia. So, to ensure your device stays charged make sure you remember to bring an adaptor compatible with the power outlets at your destination.


Secure your device

Being without a phone will be the least of your worries should you lose your device while overseas. With personal and corporate data at risk, it’s critical to ensure you secure your device as much as possible before you go overseas.

  • If possible, remove any sensitive personal or corporate information from your device.
  • Create a password or pin code to lock your device (if not used already).
  • Consider using encryption. Set up encryption on Android and iOS using our guide.
  • Make sure you set up ‘find my phone’ functionality either using Apple’s and Google’s own find my phone services or third party apps.


Lost Your Device?

If you have lost your phone overseas, you will need to barr the service as soon as possible.

How To Barr Your Device

  • Phonenomena can barr services for our business and corporate customers. Send us an email or give us a call.
  • Call Telstra’s International Roaming department on +61 4 3912 5111.
  • Contact your IT department who will organise this on your behalf.

Check our article on what to do if you have lost your device overseas for more tips!


Is there anything you do before taking your corporate device before overseas? Let us know by getting in touch.