5 Apps To Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

5 Apps To Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

As the New Year approaches many of us will make a commitment to a New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, however, only 8% of people actually achieve their set resolutions according to Statistic Brain.

We’ve found the five most common New Year’s resolutions and the best iOS and Android apps to help you achieve them!

Resolution – Improve Fitness

Solution – PT in My Pocket

PT in my Pocket

Source: iTunes

In your initial burst of excitement and motivation, you sign up for the gym.

You maintain a regular schedule for gym sessions for a couple of months, but inevitably you start losing motivation. Maybe you just don’t know what exercises to do, or your not seeing the improvements you were hoping for.

What would be really handy is a personal trainer, on demand and without the price tag.

PT in My Pocket is a unique and easy way to work out without the added costs of a gym membership or a personal trainer. You have the ability to structure the work out to suit how long and what body part you want to focus on.

The short video demos make the exercises easy to follow, helping you achieve proper form and get the most out of your workout. The app also includes (and encourages) a warm up and cool down track.


PT in My Pocket is available on iOS and Android for $4.99.

Resolution – Save Money

Solution – Pocketbook

Source: iTunes

Source: iTunes

Budgeting and tracking where you spend your money, in theory, sounds like a great way to help you save. But manually putting in all your purchases can be quite tedious.

Pocketbook makes tracking where your money goes much easier, by syncing information such as your debits and credits from your bank accounts. The app then automatically categorizes your transactions, tagging them as ‘Groceries’, ‘Rent’ or ‘Entertainment’ for example.

To track cash payments, you can take a picture of the item or receipt and assign it to the category it belongs to, or manually enter it in.

At the end of the week, you’ll get a summary of the week and upcoming bills so you can keep to your budget.

NOTE: You cannot transfer, deposit or withdraw money from your bank accounts using Pocketbook, it is solely a read only view into your transactions to help you manage your expenses.


Pocketbook is available on iOS and Android for Free.

Resolution – Become Organised

Solution – My Life Organized

Source: iTunes

Source: iTunes

Organisational skills come naturally to some but for the majority of us, a little helping hand can go a long way.

My Life Organized is a simple task manager you can use to build a system that caters to your busy schedule and helps you better manage your time. You can organise your projects, meetings and other tasks and then prioritise them in a hierarchy according to importance.

You can set reminders for tasks or appointments which is especially handy when the appointment is recurring. For an additional cost you can sync the contents of the app to your desktop.


My Life Organized is available on iOS and Android for free but also offers a pro version. To learn more about the pro version, visit the My Life Organized website.

Resolution – Become Healthier

Solution – Two Grand

Staying healthy always becomes so much more difficult as we approach the end of the year.

Source: iTunes

Source: iTunes

There’s the Melbourne Cup lunches, work Christmas parties and getting together with friends and family over the festive season. So, more likely than not, you’ve eaten your bodyweight in (not so healthy) food, and exercise has been low on your list of priorities.

After all of that, the new year is inevitably a great time to detox and get back into the swing of things.

To help you bounce back from a month of food comas, Two Grand is a healthy eating app journal that will record your food intake and track your exercise.

You can take photos of what you eat and keep it as a food journal and similar to Instagram you can follow or be followed by others in the Two Grand community for motivation and inspiration.

To counteract those consumed calories, you can also track how much exercise you do each day.

Having a record of both your eating and your exercise habits in the one place, then makes it easier to develop healthy habits.


Two Grand is available on iOS and Android for FREE

Resolution – Manage Stress Better

Solution – Complete Relaxation Lite

Source: iTunes

Source: iTunes

A lot of us bite off more than we can chew, which makes it difficult to manage our stress.

Complete Relaxation Lite uses meditation techniques to reduce stress levels so you can sleep better and reduce your overall stress levels. The app focuses on relaxing each muscle then invites you to float down to relaxation. This guided meditation is particularly helpful for those who have trouble switching off, by giving you a point of focus.

Once you feel more relaxed you’ll be able to continue with what needs to be done but with a clear and eased mind.


Complete Relaxation Lite is available on iOS and Android for FREE but offer a pro version. To learn more about the pro version visit their website.