How To: Switch From An iPhone To An Android

How To: Switch From An iPhone To An Android

Whether the open nature and huge choice of handsets lured you away from your iPhone, or your company is using the Android platform for their mobile fleet, moving from an iPhone to an Android is easier than you think.

While you’re probably excited to dive straight into your shiny new phone and explore a completely different operating system, there a few things you have to do first to ensure the change from your iPhone to your Android device is seamless.

Things to consider when moving from an iPhone to an Android Device:


Sign Up For A Google Account

While a Google Account is not required to use an Android device, if you really want to get the most of out of the Android OS, it is highly recommended.

All Google products and services are tightly integrated into the Android OS, such as the Google Play app store, Google Music, Gmail, Calendar, Google Maps etc, not to mention it is free to sign up! The other benefit of creating a Google account, is that if you are still using an iOS device, a Google Account will enable you to keep your calendars and contacts synced across both the iOS and Android device.

If you do not already have a Gmail account, follow these steps to create one:

1. Click here to go to the Gmail login page.

2. Click on Create New Account.

3. Fill out the form to complete the sign up.


Transfer Content

Looking to leave behind iOS and embrace Android?

No doubt in your time with your iPhone, you have built quite a library of data together. Contacts, calendar appointments and reminders, photos, videos, music and apps. They are all important, and most likely you want to bring them across to your Android device.

The good news is, you can transfer most of this data across, the bad news is, you may have to leave some of your apps and videos behind.

Before You Transfer!

To easily transfer your contacts and other data across to your Android smartphone, you will need access to a WiFi network.

You can access the internet on your new Android device using Wi-Fi without the SIM card.

To set up Wi-Fi go to:

Settings > Wi-Fi and then press Scan to find the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. Tap the Wi-Fi network and it will prompt you to enter in the password.

Can I Transfer My Apps?

Unfortunately you cannot directly transfer any apps or app data across platforms.

So, it would be worth checking whether all of your important apps are available for Android before you transfer. If the apps are not available, you can either find a similar app or make provisions for saving your data.

Due to the fragmentation of Android and the huge range of devices out there, be sure to check whether the app supports your device as well.

So, How Do I Transfer My Content?

To transfer your music, photos, videos, contacts and calendar across to your Android device, check out our posts below:

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Deregister iMessage

Many iPhone switchers found out the hard way that if they did not deregister iMessage then any messages sent to them from iPhone users would be lost in cyberspace.

To ensure you check out our post on how to deregister iMessage.


Check What Size SIM Your Android Uses

Switching from one phone to another used to be as simple as merely taking your SIM card out of your old device and putting it into the new device. However, now that newer iPhones are using Nano SIMs, switching to an Android smartphone becomes a little more complicated.

You may need to do a SIM replacement, which entails transferring your service onto a brand new SIM.

Check out our post on how to transfer your mobile number to a new SIM.


Keep Track Of Your Android With Where’s My Droid

If you were using Find My iPhone on your iOS device then we suggest you download Where’s My Droid, the Android equivalent. You can download Where’s My Droid from the Google Play Store.

Google’s Guide To Switching To An Android

Google have now created a Switch to Android guide to help users switch from an iPhone to an Android device.

Switching To A Samsung? Use Samsung’s Smart Switch Tool

Samsung has made it easy to switch to a Samsung Galaxy with their Samsung Smart Switch Guide. The guide explains how to switch from and iPhone, Blackberry or another Android device.

Do you have any tips on moving from an iPhone to and Android? Get in touch.