How To: Turn an Old Smartphone into a New Gadget

How To: Turn an Old Smartphone into a New Gadget

Do you have an old mobile device? What will you do with your current device when you replace it with a newer model?

We recently published an article on 10 ways to get the most out of your old smartphone. Those ideas included a touchscreen remote control, an E-reader and an alarm clock.

This article expands on this with some new ways to get creative with your old smartphone.

Home Media Controller

Google Chromecast

Source: Chromecast

Say goodbye to the TV remote and replace it with a smartphone.

Not only does a touchscreen interface make navigation a lot easier but apps can also be streamed from the phone to your TV.

The Chromecast dongle is an interface device which connects to the HDMI port of your TV. It allows communication between your phone and TV over Wifi enabling apps to be “cast”onto the TV from the phone.

  • Pairs your TV with your iOS or Android device and “casts” videos, apps and music from the device.
  • Supported apps include Youtube, Netflix, Stan, Presto, Pandora, Chrome, Google Play and more.
  • Allows the use of your phone as a TV remote.
  • Enables the screen of your phone to be displayed on the TV.


Portable Music Player


Source: Flickr: Pascal

Turning your old device into a portable music player means you don’t have to tie up your current phone. You can set up your old smartphone primarily as a storage device for music and then connect it to a sound system.

  • Save music files on the internal storage of the phone.
  • Increase storage space by either removing or moving other apps to an SD card.
  • Then listen with headphones, connect to a speaker, or use Bluetooth to play in your car.


Digital Photo Frame

Dayframe App

Source: Dayframe

Setting up a phone as a digital photo frame is a great way to add visuals to your office or home. You can also automate the images as slideshows and have them play at different times of the day.

  • Use the Dayframe app to stream pictures from your social media accounts.
  • Or use a digital photo frame app such as Photo Slides to stream pictures from the internal storage or an SD card.
  • Setup playlists and have them activate at certain times of the day.


Setup a Kids Education Centre

Zoodles App

Source: Zoodles

Dedicating a device primarily to your child’s education is an excellent use for an old device.

  • Use the Zoodles app to keep the device locked in a kid safe mode.
  • Contains games, videos, storybooks and an art studio, all tailored for kids.
  • Provides a parent dashboard to track your child’s progress and customize the app.


Create a Desk Calendar

Google Calendar

Source: Google

If you’d like a simple addition to your office desk then turn your old smartphone into a desk calendar.

  • Use the official Google Calendar app to see photos and maps of places you’re going to.
  • Sync your calendar events from your computer, tablet or existing phone and then have them show on your new modified desk calendar.
  • Events from Gmail are automatically brought across to the calendar.


Looking for more ways to reuse your old smartphone? Check out our post “10 ways to get the most out of your old smartphone“.


Your Old Smartphone is a Goldmine

Still can’t find a use for your old phone?

It can be a goldmine for simple tasks and uses, so why not hold on to it? In the future there may be further tasks and uses for an old smartphone. You may use the processing power of your old device to help with global research or as a Heads Up Display on your windscreen for safer driving.

Do you have any ideas for uses for your old smartphone? Please leave us your comments!