Lenovo Tech World Conference Wrap Up

Lenovo Tech World Conference Wrap Up

Lenovo has unveiled three new concept products in Beijing.

At its Tech World Conference, the Chinese company showed details of a handful of innovative new products. These included a smartwatch with a second screen, a smartphone that projects an interactive display and shoes that change according to your mood.

Whilst these are only concept models it does show that the tech giant is investing in wearable and interactive technologies.

Magic View Has a Second Screen

Lenovo Magic View

Source: Lenovo

Magic View is a new smartwatch by Lenovo.

A small secondary screen can project an image when held close to the eye. Lenovo claims this creates a screen effect up to 20 times larger than a smartwatch screen.

Whilst some have described it as peeking into a small hole it does still raise the interesting topic of projection technology and secondary displays.

If Lenovo can get this right it will be an incredible feature.

By swiping down on an app on the watch face it will then display on the external projection. Some of screen’s uses are watching videos, displaying more detailed maps, and even navigating around a virtual reality environment controlled by the watch’s movements.

Smartwatches now have a huge flaw. The screens are too small. Watches are not built for big visuals or immersive experiences. Peter Hortensius, Chief Technology Officer of Lenovo.


Smart Cast and Virtual Interaction

Lenovo Smart Cast

Source: Lenovo

Another product from Lenovo is a unique new smartphone.

The Smart Cast smartphone is a concept device which, as well as functioning as a standard mobile phone, can project a virtual screen onto a surface.

The user can then interact with the projection for applications such as a virtual keyboard or a secondary screen.

This could then be used to watch videos, display presentations or simply as a larger viewing screen.

An infrared camera is used to track the user’s movement and can recognise clicking, sliding and multi-touch. This could be utilized for productivity apps such as writing and publishing.

Smart Shoes That Show Your Mood

Lenovo Smart Shoes

Source: Lenovo

The last concept from Lenovo is a pair of smart shoes.

These shoes can display mood and fitness data onto small displays on the shoes.

Features include the ability to show the user’s heart beat and calories consumed and even give directions.

It looks like Lenovo is branching out with these shoes and in line with their growth in the Internet of Things. They plan to include an open SDK platform for developers and a powerful cloud infrastructure for their smart devices.

Tech World Wrap Up

The Tech World conference in Beijing was an opportunity for Lenovo to show the world what it is currently developing. Without a doubt they have showcased some interesting concepts which could change the way users interact with their devices.

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing finished his keynote speech acknowledging the culmination of tech leaders and fans at the conference.

Lenovo Tech World was a celebration of innovation with some of the world’s great tech leaders, our partners and suppliers, and most important of all, our fans and customers. Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo CEO.

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