What’s New from the Google IO 2015 Conference

What’s New from the Google IO 2015 Conference

The Google I/O Conference has concluded in San Francisco.

On the agenda was a new version of Android, Google Maps Offline, Google Photos and a range of impressive projects from Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects).

Android M Is Coming Soon

The newest version of Android is coming soon. While it is available on newer Nexus phones it will most likely be widely available later in 2015.

Permission Control

Permissions for apps have now been simplified and users are able to select how much information an app will have access to. You can change permissions at a later date through settings, and also see what apps have permission to certain features of your phone, for example the microphone.

Fingerprint Scanning

Phones running Android M, that also have fingerprint scanners, will be able to use fingerprint scanning to unlock the phone. It can also be used for verification when making app purchases through the Google Play store.

Power Saving

The new Doze mode will detect when the phone is not being used and go into a power saving mode. Testing showed this could extend battery power by up to two times. There is also support for USB Type-C for faster charging and the ability to charge other devices.


Google Maps for Offline Access

Soon to become available is offline access to Google Maps. This means that even without a data connection the phone can still receive turn for turn directions, reviews and information on opening hours.

Google Photos

Unlimited Storage With Google Photos is great news from the tech giant. Allowing automatic uploads of pictures and video from a phone makes this addition to the Google suite a must have. Google Photos offer unlimited storage for photos up to 16Megapixel and video up to 1080p and contains a detailed search function for people, places and objects.

Brillo and the iOT

A new operating system developed for the Internet of Things was also launched called Brillo. It is based on Android and one of its uses will be for connecting devices in the home.

Google ATAP Projects

The I/O conference this year also had a series of projects announced by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects team.

Project Soli

This project incorporates a small sensor that uses radar to track hand gestures. With incredible precision this can be used in devices like smartwatches to aid navigation. The demo by Google showed how a smartwatch could be controlled simply by gestures.

Project Jacquard

A project designed to bring textiles and technology together, Project Jacquard is a system for allowing software developers and textile designers to create touch-sensitive clothing. This could mean moving your hand across a jacket to control a smartphone or connected device. Google also mentioned they would be partnering with Levi to develop wearable fashion.

Project Vault

Running from an SD card, this self contained operating system allows phones to communicate securely, without the phone being able to read the data transferred. This is still in development stage however the source code has become available to developers.

Spotlight Stories

Google have released an SDK for designing 360 degree videos. This can be viewed through the Spotlight Stories app or through Youtube (by searching for 360 videos).

Google Innovation Continues to Shine

This year’s Google I/O conference has truly shown how innovative the tech giant is. These impressive new advancements are without a doubt going to drive the mobility space.

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