How To: Free Up Space by Deleting Old iCloud Backups

How To: Free Up Space by Deleting Old iCloud Backups

Is your iCloud storage close to full? You may need to delete your old backups to free up space.

After upgrading your iOS you may notice that your older device will still be visible in the list of backups in iCloud. As long as you have an up to date backup of your new device there is no real need to keep the older device backups.

Here are some simple steps for deleting your old backups.

First go to Settings > iCloud > Storage.

Then select Manage Storage.

There will then be a list of all devices which have previously been backed up to iCloud. As long as you have backups for your new devices then deleting the old device backups is fine.

To delete, select the Device Name, and then Delete Backup.

[notice]Tip: The available space in your iCloud account will be shown on the bottom of the screen: For example 1.2GB available of 5GB on iCloud.[/notice]

If after deleting old backups you still require more storage head to iCloud, login and upgrade your account.

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