How To: Turn Off App Suggestions Based on Location on iOS

Turn Off App Suggestions

How To: Turn Off App Suggestions Based on Location on iOS

Do you use location based services on your iPhone or iPad?

Location based services on iOS are all about convenience and security. Find My iPhone for example gives you the option to locate a lost device, block the IMEI or do a remote wipe.

You can also use location services to have apps alert you when you enter a particular location. It may be when entering a certain store in a shopping centre, getting close to a particular restaurant or reminding you to pick something up.

While at the install of every app it will ask you to enable location services, you may in the future want to turn on or off location based alerts.


To turn off app suggestions based on location on iOS:

Head to Settings; Privacy; Location Services; System Service; Location-Based Alerts and then switch to Off.

Note: Don’t turn off Location Services completely as this will disable the Find My iPhone feature and cause some apps to not function correctly, such as maps and navigation.


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